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Exporters by Art and Works of Art

Manmayee Handicrafts Exporters
Redolence Group
Exotic Indian Handicrafts
The ProSpice Network
Dham Global Limited

Exporters’ benefits

Worldwide Connection

Exima is an import/export association using advanced technology to facilitate the exchange of expertise between export and trade professionals and SMEs. It connects businesses just entering the international market with experts willing to assist them through the entire export process

New markets to conquer

Foreign market entry is the key to success for your export business. Exima empowers small and medium enterprises to achieve their goals by giving them the tools they need to find new target markets globally

News and tips to exporting

Exima educates and keeps exporters up-to-date with international business news and provides them with an extensive library of educational materials and training tips on customs clearance, global trade, international payments, and more

Expand your shipping services internationally!

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