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Julius S.
What Is a Eur.1 Movement Certificate, and Who Can Use It?
Eur movement certificates allow importers in certain countries to import goods at a reduced or even a nil rate Thus it is highly beneficial to see if this certificate applies to your goods In this article we coverWhat a Eur movement certificate isHow it w
Nov 17, 2021
Amber S.
What You Need to Know About the Rules of Origin
The rules of origin ROOs are guidelines for determining a product's country of origin and are required to determine the origin objectively They decide whether or not certain goods are eligible for dutyfree or reduced dutiesIn this article we coverWhat ROO
Nov 17, 2021
Munmun S.
A New Global Economic Order?
The global economic order is essential for the global marketplace as it helps promote trade and connectivity between nations while simultaneously increasing interdependence
Nov 17, 2021

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5 Ways to Reach Global Customers
Regardless of size or expertise, knowing how to effectively target global customers is a strategy that all businesses can profit from. Here are five tried-and-true ways for attracting customers from beyond your region.
What You Should Know before Joining the International Trade Industry
Joining the international trade industry can provide you with a plethora of advantages, but only if you possess the appropriate understanding. If you don't, there's a good possibility you'll lose more money than you earn. Here are some pointers to ensure your business stays afloat.
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