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10 Chinese Medicinal Herbs
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10 Chinese Medicinal Herbs

Herbs have been used in traditional Chinese medicine since centuries. The health and medicinal benefits of these herbs are so profound that they are no more confined to just the Chinese markets, but have found popularity all across the world.

The top 10 Chinese medicinal herbs are:

1. Ginseng - used to treat flu, inflammations, and prevent cancer.

2. Dang Gui - used to treat angina, irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure.

3. Various mushrooms - used to maintain good health.

4. Goji - used to improve immune function, promote healthy skin, protect eye health, detoxify the liver.

5. Coptis Chinensis - used to treat diabetes, ear infections, heart disease and high cholesterol.

6. Licorice Root - used to treat gastrointestinal problems such as food poisoning, stomach ulcers etc.


7. Astragalus - used to improve immunity and metabolism.


8. Ginger - used to treat indigestion and cardiac problems, also to improve blood circulation.


9. Ma Huang - used to treat asthma and cold.


10. Bupleurum - used to treat liver diseases, arthritis and mental disorders.


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