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Finding global solutions to global problems: The way forward towards better trade expansion
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Finding global solutions to global problems: The way forward towards better trade expansion

The importance of trade has never been more evident. In a time when people are worried about running out of household supplies due to the pandemic, it’s comforting to know that trade can continue. But how can we improve its process during this time of crisis?
International trade can bring millions of people out of poverty and lower the prices of goods and other products. However, political, social, and environmental obstacles are challenges international trade faces regularly. Different businesses and corporations often push for specific trade deals solely for their benefits. As a result, facilitators who are designated to expand international trade for the sake of trade are necessary. They need to be unbiased on specific trade deals and must facilitate the expansion of international trade for the benefit of all.

International trade is also often driven by big corporations, leaving not much room for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). As the wealthier individuals’ and corporations’ fortunes become further disconnected from the rest of the world’s, SMEs are the ones that can provide the best insight into the actual wealth of the economy. When SMEs do well, middle and working-class people also usually do well.
The myriad problems that surround politically driven trade agreements (the TPP, for example) prove a significant obstacle to trade deals. This is not to say that trade policy cannot have a positive influence on international diplomacy, but rather that we should not lose sight of the primary purpose of trade: to open up new markets for businesses.
As more and more SMEs look for ways to trade internationally, they need somebody to navigate the trade waters. That is why EXIMA is here. We dedicate ourselves to helping SMEs find new markets and teaching them how to navigate the trade world. Join today and gain full access to our vast import/export network!

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