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Inspiring Business Ideas for French Entrepreneurs
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Inspiring Business Ideas for French Entrepreneurs

In France, private initiatives are strongly encouraged. As young French people understand, entrepreneurship is the safest way to avoid unemployment after expensive business school training. Many of them embark on the adventure with varying degrees of success. However, if all the initiatives are not successful, it is not for lack of opportunities – because many such opportunities exist.
However, to get started you need to have new business ideas in which to invest without necessarily having significant financial resources.
Real estate is always a good business venture, but it can seem daunting (and expensive) to get started. The good news is that you can get started without having to invest thousands of euros. Between the giants such as Airbnb, Booking, SeLoger, and Paruvendu, there is still room for new ideas. The idea is to connect through a dedicated platform, tenants, and owners and be paid commission. The interest for customers is to get rid of the usual administrative costs.
If real estate does not appeal to you, you can invest in personal care services. Every day new nursing homes are created in France, but these establishments are desperately short of qualified personnel. The need is so great that they are hiring underqualified people. Creating a company that will link nursing homes up with qualified staff could be a rather interesting business idea.
If you think about putting your intellectual skills at the service of companies and individuals, you can opt for a wealth management consulting firm. This is a sector that is also developing in France and has the advantage of not requiring much initial capital.
If you have a special attraction for environment protection and biodiversity preservation, you can specialize in the manufacture of articles made of recycled materials. Not only will you never run out of raw materials, but thanks to the funds granted for environmental protection initiatives, you'll get tax cuts, and you could make huge profits.
Of course, there are dozens of other interesting business ideas that you can explore. Maybe you’re interested in starting a logistics company to make French import/export easier, or you want to develop a new product for mass production. If that’s the case, you need to register with Export Portal – our online international marketplace simplifies the process of trading with countries all over the world. To top it all off, our blockchain technology makes everything from transactions to documentation secure, safe, and transparent. Don’t wait – register your new business with Export Portal today!

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