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How SMEs Can Use Video Consulting to Boost Sales
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How SMEs Can Use Video Consulting to Boost Sales

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumer behavior has changed significantly. Shoppers have increasingly turned to online stores, with many even ordering their groceries online. eCommerce is booming like never before, and this trend will likely continue even after the pandemic subsides. So how can small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) take advantage of this situation to thrive and attract more customers?

SMEs Need to Improve Customer Relationships

The increasing demand for eCommerce is both an opportunity and a challenge, particularly for SMEs. It is an opportunity since costs are lower, and eCommerce allows businesses to leverage more sales channels than a retail store. But it is also a challenge since personal customer relationships are critical for many SMEs that are too small to compete with their larger counterparts in terms of price, quantity, or a variety of products.

Offline, an SME can build customer relationships in retail stores by being the friendly face that knows the customer and goes out of the way to find solutions. Contrary to large companies, SMEs are less tied to strict procedures and thus have more flexibility to support their customers. But what about the eCommerce world, where that frequent personal interaction doesn’t happen anymore?


Face-to-face Interactions are Key to Relationship Building

Video chatting could be a possible solution. Instead of the usual live chat window that pops up with text messages when you visit a website, more and more companies are leaning towards video chat. In fact, in Europe, the use of video chat for customer service increased by 70% since the outbreak of COVID-19, leading many experts to believe video calls may transform the customer service experience in the near future.

For business owners, video chat services could be the lifeline that helps them stay in business and even thrive during these difficult times. By bringing the in-store experience online, companies can build and strengthen brand trust while offering a much-needed personal and intimate experience to online customers. Video chats have even proven to drop chat abandonment rates, which can ultimately lead to a boost in sales.

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