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Ways to Build Trust between International Export Partners
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Ways to Build Trust between International Export Partners

Trust can be difficult to build even in the best of circumstances, and it's even more challenging across geographical and cultural borders. This is why finding trust in international business is often rare. Leaders who want to strengthen trust with colleagues and partners worldwide should thus consider using the following strategies:

Try to Understand Your Partner

It can be beneficial if you take the time to learn about your partner's cultural expectations. Learn how your partners decide who is worthy of their trust, so you can better understand the steps you need to take to earn their trust.

This is especially critical when interacting with someone who holds different standards. A businessperson from Africa, for example, is more likely than an American to be tolerant of time and deadlines.

You should also make an effort to understand the viewpoint of the community with whom you are working with. Because cultures differ, it is impossible to fully understand your international partners if you do not familiarize yourself with their culture.

Misconceptions around cultural differences influence how people perceive each other's intentions and competence as well. You can prevent misunderstandings by being aware of what others will expect from you in both professional and social settings.


Extend the Trust

Extending trust is also critical when working with people we don't know well or who are different from us. You shouldn't blindly trust every business partner who approaches you, but you should begin with a mindset of trusting people. 

By establishing trust first, you will be more likely to gain the confidence of your business partner or colleague much more quickly, which in turn should speed up whatever you are trying to accomplish.

Be Consistent and Transparent

Respect for your foreign colleagues and business partners cannot be overstated. You can demonstrate respect during negotiations by showing genuine interest in who they are and what they need. Remember, developing trust requires good listening and attention to details. 

Lastly, keep your message consistent as much as possible, and always be transparent. Building trust across international borders can be tricky, but it is worth the effort in an increasingly global economy.

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