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How Will My Goods Be Delivered?
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How Will My Goods Be Delivered?

Many of the items required for delivery are unavailable as a result of increased demand. With so many businesses scrambling to fill orders, industry analysts warn that the US is approaching its limit; its infrastructure can only handle so many deliveries.

So, how do your goods get delivered? You will have to first visit the warehouse to fully understand this process.

A Full House

Let’s start with the warehouse space, which can range from massive one-million-square-foot fulfillment complexes to smaller "last-mile" depots near city centers. According to CBRE statistics, even though the US has built about 1 billion square feet of warehouse room over the past six years, including a three-story warehouse, the availability rate is near a record low, and rent is still rising.

The Team

Yes, the delivery chain is made up of several roles and teams, but you must understand that, much like a relay race in real life, if one of the stages in the delivery chain fails, the entire chain fails.


The Process

When importing products into the US, conventional delivery is door-to-door. This implies that the courier will park outside your building and deliver the merchandise to your front door. Unless otherwise specified, the hauler will provide the items on any available sized vehicle, typically from 9AM to 5PM.

This is the most common delivery method. Remember how many boxes are in your delivery since you may need an additional set of hands to help you place the items in your house once they arrive.

Tail Lift Delivery vs. Standard Curtain Sided

You may require a tail lift truck to deliver your items if you do not have availability to a forklift and your goods are hefty. The pump truck onboard will transport your items to the back of the vehicle, where they will be lowered to the ground by the tail lift. The hauler will charge a nominal fee for these deliveries.

The majority of deliveries will be made on a curtain-sided van. You will have to unpack by hand or forklift once the driver pulls back the curtain.

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