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Trade Associations in Cameroon
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Trade Associations in Cameroon

Cameroon Chamber of Commerce

The oldest trade association in Cameroon has been around since the 1920s and oversees a vast network across different industries and businesses through events and training programs. The Chamber of Commerce is the ultimate guide to doing business in Cameroon with prime access to the government and its agencies, trade associations across the country and numerous chambers across west and central Africa. For investors willing to do business in Cameroon, the Chamber of Commerce can educate them about everything from entry visas to hotels, travel, and accommodation. SMEs can benefit from their training programs and business seminars, as well as learn how to navigate through business creation and legal issues.

Cameroon National ’Shippers’ Council

The Cameroon National Shippers’ Council promotes international trade by protecting the interest of shipping companies that operate in Cameroon. They manage warehouses in Cameroon’s main ports of Douala, Limbe, and Kribi and run Cameroon Trade Hub, a business portal with information on doing business in the country. A branch office has been opened in Paris to help European companies trying to ship to and from Cameroon. The Cameroon National ’Shippers’ Council has introduced electronic tracking of goods at Douala and Yaoundé airports.

The Cocoa and Coffee Interprofessional Council

As the fifth biggest producer of cocoa in the world and a large number of rural farmers who depend on coffee for a living, there’s a real need for a trade association that works to ensure farmers get the best prices for their products while improving the quality of their product. These farmers are protected by the Cocoa and Coffee Interprofessional Council who bring together cooperatives, exporters, trade unions, and cocoa buyers to improve the sector.

Chamber of Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock, and Forestry of Cameroon

Most of Cameroon’s population depends on farming for their livelihood, farming small plots to provide for their families and selling the surplus to buy other needs. Depending on what they have leftover some sell directly at markets, to intermediaries or cooperatives who export to other countries. Coordinating this is the Chamber of Agriculture which oversees livestock and forestry exports. The Chamber also works with different organizations in the cocoa, coffee, and cotton sectors.

Customs Associations

A few authorized customs unions oversee the movement of goods in and out of Cameroon through air, land, and sea. They work in collaboration with logistics companies and partners at different entry points, helping traders go through legal procedures, complete clearance, and find storage space. The most prominent are Syndicat National des Transitaires Transporteurs Douaniers du Cameroun, Union of Authorised Customs Brokers and Forwarding Agents of Cameroon and Syndicat National des Auxiliaires des Transports et de Transit.

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