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New Technologies Transforming Freight Forwarding
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New Technologies Transforming Freight Forwarding

New Technologies Transforming Freight Forwarding

Drones will disrupt shipping and grab all the headlines, but until that day comes, there’s impressive tech that is transforming the freight forwarding industry. Faster and efficient delivery at an increasingly lower cost is happening thanks to the application of the latest technology available. Here are a few.

Tracking systems

With the advancement in tracking technology, there’s a comfort on the side of a customer who can go online and see exactly where their package is. Combined with technologies like blockchain, freight shippers improve efficiency by gathering and sharing as much information as shipments go down the supply chain. Information like this can be shared with clients via email or social media, where many of these companies are building relationships with their clients.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is one of the most exciting technologies that will change the way we live. It’s about machines talking to each other like we do with our friends and colleagues. Cargo, trucks, and people talking to each other will share accurate and reliable data to manage fleets, avoid potential risks and delays. Freight shippers will get important notifications like temperature, humidity, the position of goods, and much more. IoT technology in the future will help driverless cars deliver shipments and reduce traffic and accidents as machines whisper to their machine friends.


Autonomous cars and drones

Thirty minutes: that might be all the time it takes to receive your package after you place your order. A drone will deliver your package at home and wave you goodbye. Amazon is pioneering this with its Prime Air service. It is expected to start soon, but drones are being made and improved across the world. It remains to be seen if trucks will be allowed to run without drivers, but driverless vehicles are almost here and ready to carry cargo. Artificial intelligence will play a massive role in how technology is used.

Tech start-ups

Perhaps those charged with the future of freight forwarding are the start-ups reinventing international trade. Export Portal is one of such companies facilitating global export backed by the transparency and ease blockchain provides. Apps like Convoy bring truck drivers together to improve efficiency, while Shipamax provides a workflow management tool for shipbrokers and operators.


Over 80 percent of warehouses are manually operated, which leaves enough room for robots to join in. Intelligent machines have already been deployed in warehouses to pack and unpack boxes, with sophisticated robots used to pick and move objects and even help clean. Trailer and container unloading robots are currently being tested, and, if successful, will eliminate the tedium and human energy needed for these activities. Digital assistants like Alexa will even tell clients exactly where their order is, something that will reduce the cost of customer service agents for companies. As these technologies become less expensive, they will completely transform logistics, eCommerce, and international trade.

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