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Why Ratings and Reviews Matter for Your eCommerce Start-up
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Why Ratings and Reviews Matter for Your eCommerce Start-up

Why Ratings and Reviews Matter for Your eCommerce Start-up

Once your product hits the market, users are going to have opinions about how they feel and function. In today’s world, that has been made easier than ever with forums, blogs, and marketplaces where users gather. Here are a few reasons why those ratings and reviews matter.

Ratings help create better products

Ratings help you learn about your products and point out flaws in design or function that might otherwise go unnoticed. This kind of critical feedback will help entrepreneurs improve their product to the point where they eliminate defects. Responding to reviews that point out mistakes and committing to fixing them will make your clients part of your creative process, creating brand ambassadors along the way.

SEO benefits

Much has been said about creating relevant content to boost search engine rankings for ecommerce websites. Still, another area that is less talked about is the reviews containing keyword-rich material and product descriptions that draw traffic to your website and stores. Customers that create content around your site do so because they care, a valuable gauge for those looking for clues on what to buy.


Beyond the ability to command more followers because others have already given you their vote, influencers and experts in your field can give your business a ringing endorsement when they positively review your products. These recommendations can be used to amplify the message through other media. Reviews posted by influencers and their followers’ replies are indexed by search engines to boost your search rankings.


Fan engagement

Once you have several clients talking to each other about your product, then you have a real community to cater to. This can easily take a life of its own and create engagement that’ll help improve sales and open up leads. Conversations like these can give perspective and information about the levels of customer satisfaction, providing valuable data and research tools for your business. Don’t be shy to engage, reward, and recruit your super fans to promote your product.

Improve sales

For millions of people around the world, the first thing they do when trying to buy online is to visit review sites. Reviews tell them how people who’ve used the product rate them. A look at Spiegel Research Center’s study on the impact of reviews reveals overwhelming evidence in favor. The purchase likelihood for a product with five reviews is 270% greater than the purchase likelihood of a product with no reviews, with a more significant conversion impact for higher-priced products. The most intriguing find in the research is that 82 percent of shoppers online seek out negative reviews as they are deemed to establish credibility. The rate of conversions also goes up when verified reviewers rate your product.

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