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Expanding to International Shipping Services
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Expanding to International Shipping Services

With massive ships sailing across the seas, planes soaring through the skies, and trucks and trains driving across our countries, there have never been more means to move around the world. It wasn’t that long ago that people would live their entire lives in the same small areas they were born in, but now anyone can travel anywhere, and send anything along the same route.

Of course, keeping track of what you’re moving and where you’re moving it to can be difficult.

An airport losing your luggage can be an inconvenience for your vacation, but a freighter arriving at port without your products on board can be the end of your business. Taking a chance always comes with some risk, and while expanding your operations into the international field can yield great success for a company, the potential losses should even one shipment go astray can be devastating.

Granted, advancements in transportation technology have made it so shipments find their way to their destinations readily enough, but when the paperwork and documentation are not properly filled out, those same shipments can end up being stuck in customs, costing the parties involved precious time and money.

However, for all the risks involved, there are plenty of large and successful companies demonstrating how fruitful international trade can be for a business when done right. Small and medium enterprises can find their own success in this field, they just need to find the proper assistance to do so.

Fortunately, Exima is here to offer exactly what they need.

Our import export association gathers together experts in the logistics of international trade, connecting their ecommerce expertise with buyers and sellers in need, like those on our partner platform, Export Portal^1. Thanks to Export Portal’s thorough authentication process, only verified professionals gain entry to our network, ensuring that all parties involved can be trusted.

Freight forwarders specializing in everything from warehousing to bills of lading and even individual customs for different countries offer their services and advice on Exima, where their skills and experience are in high demand from distributors and purveyors alike on Export Portal. On top of that, Export Portal’s proprietary blockchain technology adds transparency and accountability to all parties involved in the transactions, providing a decentralized ledger precisely cataloguing where and when the goods are moved.

By registering with our platforms and utilizing their combined resources, small and medium businesses can look forward to working with Freight Forwarders.

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