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Teaching the Tools of Trade: Exima’s Lessons for Success
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Teaching the Tools of Trade: Exima’s Lessons for Success

There are those who say the best way to learn is to try, and while we at Exima agree that experience is the best teacher, we strongly believe in understanding a situation and preparing for all possibilities before jumping in.

Others may stick to their motto of “sink or swim,” but we prefer to chart our course ahead of time and enjoy smooth sailing.

After all, international trade is all about careful planning and analysis, with marketing strategies and shipping schedules crafted down to the last detail. No one can prepare for everything, of course, and there is much to be learned from unexpected circumstances, but having as much knowledge under your belt before beginning your journey can help ensure you’re able to continue your journey at all.

Major corporations and successful entrepreneurs like to style themselves as courageous visionaries who reaped rewards by taking risks others were too afraid to try, and as enjoyable as their stories are, they don’t teach us the same kind of lessons as the countless tales of others who did the same and failed miserably. Luck is nice when it’s on your side, but it should never be relied on when running a business, and certainly not when expanding one.

Knowledge is power, and Exima is the platform where small and medium enterprises grow strong.

As part of our mission to advance the import and export industry, we’re developing a wide array of educational materials on the subject of international trade. Not only do our plethora of ecommerce experts, legal practitioners, and logistics professionals all answer user submitted questions^1, but they are also hard at work crafting videos, tutorials, and lectures for our registered members to enjoy. Of course, all this is in addition to the market knowledge they already provide, such as financial data, demographic research, and legal assistance based on the countries and regions they specialize in.

What’s more, our website features a section listing upcoming events that our own Exima representatives will be visiting, as well as allowing registered members to list what events they themselves will be attending, or even hosting. This gives our professionals a chance to network in person, enabling them to build strong B2B partnerships and exchange experiences through cooperative ventures.

Trade is not a field to be taken lightly, the distribution of vital resources around the world is an important industry that sustains not only major economies but also individual livelihoods. Those who respect just how big of an impact the import and export process has on the global market and wish to play a role are encouraged to join others like them here on Exima, where your passions and talents will have the platform they need and tools they require to truly thrive.

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