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How to choose the perfect freight forwarder
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How to choose the perfect freight forwarder

The success of your international business is heavily dependent on the right freight forwarding partner. But do you know how to choose one that’s trustworthy and reliable?

A quick search on the internet will show that hundreds of freight forwarders are ready to ship your goods internationally. But, there’s a big difference between any freight forwarder and a good freight forwarder. To make sure you choose one that’s trustworthy, reliable, and well-experienced to professionally take care of your shipping needs, here are the most critical factors.

  1. Experience: Few factors are more important than knowledge. Experience will determine how your freight forwarding partner will deal with shipping issues like customs clearance, warehousing, shipment rerouting, port or airport shutdowns, embargoes, dockworkers, or handling agents strikes.
  2. A global network: How your international shipments are handled at both the origin and destination of your shipment is your freight forwarder’s responsibility. Your logistics partner must operate in a network, including the destination country/countries your goods will be shipped to. This will keep the flow of information running smoothly, confirming that your products arrive in a timely and secure manner.
  3. Range of services and specialization: When choosing a freight forwarder, make sure that they have the services you need. The basic service offer should include shipment tracking, handling of import and export documentation, packing and storage, inventory management, booking of sea freight or air freight space, customs clearance, negotiating charges, freight consolidation, insurance.
  4. Specialization: Nevertheless, each industry has specific requirements when it comes to international shipping. For example, make sure the forwarder you choose can offer all the above services customized for your particular needs, in terms of packaging, international regulations, and documentation.
  5. Certifications and credentials: Certifications and credentials will inform you whether a freight forwarder has the specialized training and security requirements to handle your goods. While you’re confirming credentials, ask for references as well.
  6. Customer service: A freight forwarder with excellent customer service will provide the support you need to expand internationally. This is particularly crucial if you are new to the international market. Exceptional customer service ensures you always have direct access to the agent managing your cargo. What’s more, they will have a high level of responsiveness, alerting you to your cargo issues or delays.


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