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New Advertising Methods Affordable for E-commerce
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New Advertising Methods Affordable for E-commerce


One of the main constraints of e-commerce players, especially very small businesses, is the high cost of traditional advertising campaigns. The search for less expensive but equally effective alternatives is therefore a major challenge for the survival of these companies in an increasingly competitive environment.

Influencers, new players in advertising

The impact of an influencer is to condition the thinking and buying behavior of consumers. So if an influencer says to buy this product, people will buy it. The most effective influencer marketing doesn't involve money, which is why it's so different from traditional advertising. When an influencer commits to a product, they do so because they find it interesting for their readers. He will talk about it honestly which gives a lot more credibility to the product rather than placing an advertisement. If the product is a product he believes in, he will promote it because he wants to present and offer his audience something of value. However, some influencers may ask to be paid for their service, but there are influencers for all budgets, and this is where influence marketing is accessible for small e-commerce businesses.

E-commerce industry

In addition to being able to reach a specific target, influencers allow the message to be received without obstacles, unlike traditional advertisements on the internet. According to Backlinko, 46.2% of 16–24-year-old have Adblockers installed, which means that almost 50% do not see an advertisement that would normally appear. Still, if their favorite influencer pops up on their screen to talk about the latest innovative product, they'll likely take the time to check it out.

Boosted social media posts

The boost allows users to inject a small budget to promote an already existing publication. In a few clicks and a few euros, users can push a publication of their choice on their page to new audiences. The point of boosting is to propel an existing one-page post to new audiences in just a few clicks. The option also allows configuration of objectives and choice of optimization mode through the Ads Manager for apps like Facebook or Instagram. Everything is automated and preconfigured to offer you a simplistic and fast interface. This communication tool is within the reach of all e-commerce companies, large or small, to be able to carry out a communication campaign because the prices are based on the target and the budget is easily controllable.

These two advertising methods presented in this article can be used separately. But by combining them, a small business can reach a larger target than it would have reached through common media such as television, newspapers or radio and pay almost 10 times less. 

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