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Dubai Exports conducts 'Future Proofing: Strategies for your Business' webinar for SMEs
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Dubai Exports conducts 'Future Proofing: Strategies for your Business' webinar for SMEs


Dubai Exports, UPS, and APCO Worldwide recently came together to host a webinar called “Future-Proofing: Strategies for your Business” to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) survive challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic. During the webinar, CEOs, economists, and many more discussed the importance of preparing for the economic conditions that will prevail in the post-pandemic business world. The experts also talked about the role and vitality of the digital economy during uncertain times and how developing a social media strategy can help SMEs sail through tough times and emerge stronger.

It is worth mentioning that Dubai Exports is the export promotion agency of the Department of Economic Development of the government of Dubai, while UPS is a well-known global logistics company, and APCO Worldwide is a public affairs and strategic communications consultancy. These organizations joined forces for this webinar to help SMEs by presenting strategies that can fight the crisis.

In regards to the current situation, Mr. Kamali of Dubai Exports believes the UAE government has taken significant measures to keep businesses, including SMEs, safe. While it was important to devise ways to stay safe and fight the virus at the beginning of the pandemic, the Deputy CEO of Dubai Exports believes it is crucial to adopt more effective strategies and think of the future of businesses and jobs now.


The experts also talked about exporting and touched upon topics of digital trade, digital economy, social media strategies for maximizing opportunities and safeguarding the future in times that pose challenges. While giving a detailed presentation on the different policies that companies can adopt for future-proofing their businesses, Mr. Shehata of UPS stated that SMEs should focus on working “on” their businesses rather than “in” their businesses. What this means is that the current situation is calling for companies to look at the key areas of secondary skills like research, technology, and communication/writing skills of employees, which are essential if they are planning to expand into new markets. These enterprises can also look into well-strategized short-term plans and incorporate social media into their growth plans. The webinar then concluded with a Q&A session, giving SME owners and employees a chance to interact with experts.

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