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Cameroon’s Kribi Port and Ministry of Agriculture Sign Import/Export Deal
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Cameroon’s Kribi Port and Ministry of Agriculture Sign Import/Export Deal


Cameroon’s Ministry of Agriculture has signed a deal with the Kribi Port in order to facilitate the shipping of agricultural produce out of the country while easing the import and distribution of raw materials and machinery that farmers need to grow their crops.

In addition to fast-tracking shipping for agricultural products, the Kribi Port has committed itself to promoting and increasing the value of products that go through its docks through its communications and media outlets. Plans are underway to invest in improving the road network from farms around the area to the seaport. Roads, communications, and social facilities are all being upgraded in anticipation of an increase in economic activities that may stem from a population surge and overall growth in the country. In the long-term, both partners foresee a multidimensional trade hub that will bring together agriculture, industry, trade, shipping, and tourism to Kribi’s shores.


The Kribi Port has brought in jobs for locals as well, but they are nothing compared to what is attainable if locals can create jobs for themselves. Thus, plans are in place to develop training programs that teach young people how to produce better quality products and other necessary management skills. The local government in Kribi will step in to support these initiatives. Liquefied natural gas (LNG), which is produced in Kribiand, and Socapalm, which produces palm oil for export, has formed a burgeoning partnership with all major stakeholders hoping to gain from a skilled labor pool as well.

The agreement was signed by Cameroon’s Agriculture Minister Mr. Gabriel Mbairobe and Kribi Port Director-General Patrice Melom on August 7th and will run for three years unless it gets renewed.

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