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New Zealand looks to improve ties with Australia
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New Zealand looks to improve ties with Australia


Historically, New Zealand and Australia have had extremely strong bilateral relations. This is because the two economies are deeply interlinked with each other, and their trade relations have also always remained strong. However, a few roadblocks have emerged in recent years, particularly in their approach to China.

On the one hand, Australia has been at odds with China in terms of trade. New Zealand, on the other hand, has been looking to strengthen its economic ties with the Asian country. Another major area of dispute between two Trans-Tasman countries has been the treatment of migrants. This blog discusses the relations between the two sides and assesses how New Zealand wants to extend a hand of friendship to its larger neighbor.

New Zealand Wants to Strengthen Economic Relations

In early 2021, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern accused Australia of failing to act in good faith by exporting its problems and responsibilities to the Kiwis. Since then, the diplomatic relations between the two nations have continued to deteriorate. This situation, however, must now change quickly, as New Zealand realized it cannot afford to have a strained relationship with its neighbor. That is also the primary reason why the country is now looking to improve trade ties with Australia.


As part of this new plan, New Zealand is aiming to boost trade volumes with Australia. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has already stated that Australia is not only its ally but also an indispensable partner. This statement could go a long way in improving the relations between the two. If this statement is followed up with an increase in agriculture exports from New Zealand to Australia, it could even provide a major boost to the two economies, which would go a long way towards their swift economic recoveries from the COVID-19 crisis.

Thus, in May, the two countries held a joint press conference in Queenstown to mend recent rifts in their relationship. They claimed that certain parties were “trying to create points of difference that are not there.”

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