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ProColombia ECOMMERCE 2017
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ProColombia ECOMMERCE 2017


Export Portal is delighted to have been invited to ProColombia's e-Commerce 2017 event in Medellin and Bogota November 28-30 and will use the occasion to launch the search for Country Brand Ambassadors in Colombia and across all Latin American countries.

This Ecommerce event in Colombia is a great first step in upcoming expansion plan for our EC-B2B (Ecommerce Business to Business) blockchain-based platform already has thousands of clients registered in over 120 countries. 

Export Portal CEO Ally Spinu stated, "We know Colombian textile industry is an important part of the country's economy.  This is why we are thrilled to meet and listen to those companies that are serious about expanding their brand to other international buyers.  Manufacturers, sellers, buyers and freight forwarders are our target markets and we want all of them to succeed.  We appreciate the forward thinking global strategy ProColombia is bringing to this event and to the workers that depend on increasing Colombian imports and exports."

Ms. Spinu is also proud to announce the next phase of upcoming expansion plan for Export Portal in 2018 stating, "Export Portal is now actively seeking Brand Ambassadors in Colombia and all other Latin American countries that has a manufacturing base. This opportunity allows clothing manufacturers in Colombia to expand their market."  The shortlist for applicants willing to join the team are:

  • Able to connect with multiple industries across your country
  • Willing to participate in a revenue-share model
  • Capable of attending events, meetings and conferences
  • Already established in your country with your own office and infrastructure
  • English capable to interact with our management and extended global team

International Business Development lead John Zahaitis will be attending ProColombia's ECOMMERCE 2017 next week and will be holding interviews and meetings in Bogotá at a yet to be disclosed location on Friday, December 1st.  Those individuals who think they are the right person for this position should send along a video explaining their reasoning along with a CV/resume/bio through our application link:


Media Contact: 
John Zahaitis 
+1 (818)691-0079

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