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Cargo Delays

Medical Equipment
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Julius S.
Jun 19, 2020
What are the reasons for cargo delays?

2 answers

Jasmine G.
Jun 24, 2020
Transit time is one of the most critical factors in logistics as goods must be delivered at their intended destination at the right time. Shipment delays are caused by various factors. Some of the reasons include vessel delays, logistic constraints and lack of proper coordination of the freights. Vessel delays occur due to factors such as port congestion, bad weather, changes in service schedules and shortage of equipment and space in the vessel. Lack of storage equipment such as containers lead to delayed delivery times as it is critical that service providers wait until appropriate space is attained. Changes in service can be noted in the deviation from the routine routes and if the vessel has to make additional stops. Port congestion leads to delays due to slow movement and handling of the containers. In other cases a delay may arise when the client’s container cannot be located or when the shipment is lost or stolen. Lack of space can result in the event that the vessels are overbooked the client may thus be forced to roll the transportation to the next shipment in which case the client must wait for longer periods. In order to avoid cargo delays It is essential to check and consider the expected weather conditions, holidays in various parts of the world and make a plan based on the evaluated factors. Necessary documentation is key to solving any problem caused by delay as the destinations and routes are taken into consideration.
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Dave B.
Jun 19, 2020
Shipping goods may sometimes take more time than it was planned due to the variety of reasons.The most common is the weather as it influences almost all means of transport. Extremely bad weather conditions may require additional time and costs. It may shift the delivery time for 1-2 weeks in some cases.Also, some tech malfunctions of the vehicle or vessel usually influence the delivery. However, the delay in such cases is not long.The problems at customs. The identification of violations may lead to the apprehension of containers that may affect the time of delivery of your cargo. So, make sure that you have all the documents in order.Shipping during some of the busiest periods of the year may also end with cargo delays. Try to avoid peak seasons and delivery during big holidays if you don’t want to take the risk. Sometimes, the cargos are abandoned because of too long transit period. If it is crucial for the consignee to receive the goods on time, a delay in the delivery could be a reason for declining the shipment.
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