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Important Entrepot Hubs

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Anna G.
Jun 26, 2020
What are the most important entrepot hubs in the world?

3 answers

Jul 01, 2020
Dear Anna, let me highlight for you the 3 main entrepot powers in the world: 1.Hong Kong is world’s largest entrepot economy. The special administrative of China is located to the east of the Pearl River (Xu Jiang) estuary on the south coast of China. It is an established entrepot between the world and China and leading in world for its Entrepot trade. 2.Dubai is also among the leading hubs experiencing continuous growth on the entrepot trade. Dubai Entrepot contribute about 15% share to the Dubai’s economy. The hub is practicing an open door policy and extended facilities to international trading. Dubai is a brilliant transit point that connects Africa so well to Asia and Europe. 3.Singapore is the largest port in Southeast Asia and one of the busiest in the world. Singapore is the 14th largest exporter and the 15th largest importer in the world. The country has the highest trade-to-GDP ratio in the world at 407.9 percent, signifying the importance of trade to its economy. Entrepot trade accounts for about one-third of Singapore’s export trade.
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Jun 29, 2020
Dear Anna, most important entrepot ports that I know of include Amsterdam, Venice, Hong Kong, Macao, and Dubai. I hope this is of help for you!
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Jun 29, 2020
Good day Anna! Indirect trade like Entrepot has been growing more than three times faster than world trade as a whole. There are more than thirty countries that are involved in a significant amount of indirect trade. Macao SAR, Cyprus, Fiji, Senegal, Jordan, Armenia, Seychelles, Honduras, Benin, Montserrat, and St. Lucia are some of the other prominent entrepôts through which indirect trade takes place. This entrepot trade provides the opportunity to trade to many inaccessible country which boost the globalization all around the world.
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