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Packaging goods tricks

Medical Equipment
From Pakistan
To Bangladesh
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Kerim A.
Jul 10, 2020
Are there any tricks regarding packing goods for importing?

1 answer

Jul 10, 2020

Always count, weigh, or otherwise verify the quantity of goods you receive when you import.
Pack goods uniformly. If the contents and values differ from package to package, the possibility of delay and confusion increases. Whenever possible, try to have packages contain goods of one kind only.
Load cargo effectively. When shipments are consolidated it saves you time and money. And simple things, if not done properly, can cause unnecessary delays. For example, placing cargo on pallets allows for easy movement and will speed up examinations.
Establish a detailed agreement with the company you are buying from. Make sure your agreement covers transportation costs, required packaging, delivery time and storage, and insurance.
Consider using a local agent. Perhaps the best way to ensure success is to use a local agent in the country. It will increase your chances of getting a better deal. A local agent knows the domestic culture and business practices and can also help find out about suppliers.

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