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Freight rate for cargo

From Hungary
To Finland
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Andrea T.
Jul 28, 2020
How do I negotiate the best freight rate for my cargo?

1 answer

Amber S.
Jul 28, 2020

Freight forwarders will provide you with a range of options to find the most cost-efficient rate, however, be familiar with freight markets so you can gain the most competitive rate. Your overseas buyer will often specify the preferred option and this could depend on ease of customs clearance at the port of discharge or the frequency and reliability of sailing. Transhipment is a common feature of liner shipping. ‘Hub’ ports such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai distribute containerised cargo to other ports by ‘feeder’ vessels. Make sure, however, that the transhipment hub is efficient so your cargo does not suffer delays. Most freight forwarders have space and freight rate deals negotiated with sea and air carriers. What’s important is to locate a forwarder who caters for your business profile – both in scale of operation as well as geographic coverage.

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