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Logistics of the distribution

Products of the Chemical or Allied Industries
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Ehsan A.
Jul 28, 2020
What is the changing logistics of the distribution of products or services in connection with the development of Internet trade, online payments and settlements, and the provision of information services via the Internet?

1 answer

Jul 30, 2020

1. In recent years, the scope of implementation of ICT information technologies and advanced data processing technologies Industry 4.0 into logistics management systems has been increasing. Effective implementation of ICT information technologies and Industry 4.0 technology contributes to improving the efficiency of logistics processes, including production logistics, service provision, supply, distribution, etc. In addition, the implementation of internet technologies in logistics processes increases the scope of development of e-logistics. The current technological revolution referred to as Industry 4.0 is motivated by the development of the following factors: Big Data database technologies, cloud computing, machine learning, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality and other advanced technologies of Data Mining. Increasingly, these technologies are used to develop e-logistics. In addition, in recent years the development of e-logistics is also determined by technological progress in the field of electronic internet banking and the development of information services provided via the Internet by internet technology companies and fintechs. 2. We can consider, about the changing logistics in the distribution of products in connection with the development of Internet commerce, that there are two main points: - the order picking - the delivery. About the order picking, there are three essential alternatives: - warehouse-picking (through a regional warehouse) - store-picking - depot-picking (through a very close depot). About the delivery, there also are three main alternatives: - home delivery - parcel pickup at very close pickup points (by stores or automated lockers) - parcel pickup at UCC (Urban Consolidation Center - small logistic infrastructure).

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