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Commercial invoice

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Julius S.
Jul 30, 2020
Why are the commercial invoice and packing list important?

2 answers

Mar 08, 2022

Commercial Invoice and Packing List are necessary for export of goods to file shipping bill and other necessary documents. It is always recommended to have a physical document with information regarding the transaction in case of any mishap

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Amber S.
Jul 30, 2020

They’re required by customs. Breaking it down, however, these two items are important for different reasons: Commercial invoice: Like other types of invoices, the commercial invoice describes the transaction happening between the exporter (your supplier) and importer (you). It lists your goods and the price you paid your supplier. Details on the commercial invoice will be used to determine the duties and taxes applicable to your shipment. Packing list: At first glance, the packing list may look similar to the commercial invoice. However, where the commercial invoice focuses on item prices, the packing list focuses on the physical count and breakdown of the related shipment. For example, a packing list would include the size, weight, and count of individual boxes/cartons matching a corresponding commercial invoice. Therefore, the packing list can be used in insurance claims to identify losses or by Customs when inspecting cargo or by your warehouse to reconcile what was expected vs. what was actually received.

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