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Purchase Orders

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Amber S.
Jul 30, 2020
Are there different types of Purchase Orders?

1 answer

Andrea T.
Jul 30, 2020

For standard (specific) purchases, a Requisition is converted into a PO. The PO is emailed to the requested department & vendor. The requester should review the PO to ensure the order is correct and must contact their Buyer immediately to resolve any questions or issues contained in the PO. The Buyer’s name is located on the bottom left corner of the PO. Open-ended purchase orders may be requested for monthly orders such as utilities, partial shipments or partial performance of services. Open-ended PO’s will be closed at the end of each Fiscal Year and need to be requested each Fiscal Year as needed. These should not be carried over from Fiscal Year to Fiscal Year. These reduce the paperwork necessary to process an individual purchase order for each separate delivery.

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