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Trading company or manufacturer

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Aug 04, 2020
Is it better to order from a trading company or a manufacturer?

1 answer

Aug 05, 2020

It all depends upon your skills and efficiency to obtain products and services. Ordering from the factory is beneficial when you have a bulk order, you can purchase it at a direct factory price rate. This also reduces the cost of a middleman. However, dealing with a trading company has its own advantages. It reduces the risk of factory audits. For instance, if you have ordered something and paid in advance and after that, the factory shuts down, you will most probably lose your money. In such cases, the trading company would have been a better option as they are accountable. And also a trading company has better customer service in comparison with factories. Trading companies have a variety of products to offer compared to factories but it is good only for small quantity buyers. Both have pros and cons, this duly depends upon the nature of your business and requirements.

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