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Tips for importer/exporter

Ceramic Products
From Bulgaria
To Ukraine
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Ehsan A.
Aug 04, 2020
What should an import/export company always remember?

1 answer

Imad K.
Aug 05, 2020

There are many things that an export import company should keep on top of their checklist, but non more important than the evaluation of financial health of the company. Before shipping internationally, spend some time reviewing with your financial team all the expenses required to export. You want to avoid any serious cash flow problems that could occur from the time an order is placed to the time you are compensated for it. Aside from the financial readiness of an export/import unit, other things that need attention are International Commercial Terms laid down by the International Chamber of Commerce, HS/HTS codes, developed by the World Customs Organization to classify traded goods and all tariffs and fees that apply to international shipments.

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