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Export business

Electrical Equipment and Supplies
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Dave B.
Aug 10, 2020
How do I get into the export business?

1 answer

Andrea T.
Aug 10, 2020

International trade is one of the industries that connect all the countries of the world. Owning an export-import business can be very profitable, and to get into this “niche” is not so difficult as you may think. In the era of technology and the internet connection, a lot of people are exporting-importing goods through different web platforms. However, in order for your export business to succeed better to have some background about how the local and global trade works. There are other factors you need to consider while sinking into this industry:

  1. Choose the product for export
  2. Find your target audience
  3. Make contact with reliable shippers

These are the main steps that should be considered while going into exports, but if you are interested only in selling products worldwide, then it is easier for you to find a platform that already has thousands of buyers and freight forwarders who are ready to ship your products permanently. One of such platforms is Export Portal, which facilitates transactions between buyers, sellers and manufacturers involved in the export and import.

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