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Changing content in export declarations

Construction Materials and Engineering
From Hong Kong
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Raymond Y.
Sep 24, 2020
We have exported a shipment and noticed only afterwards that one item we have listed on the export declaration was not included. The goods have already left the EU, however, the customs clearance is not completed yet. Can we still change the export declaration at this point?

1 answer

David W.
Sep 24, 2020

You can only make changes once the endorsement of exit is available and a movement reference number (MRN) has been assigned. To make corrections, you will need to duplicate the current MRN and correct the relevant item with the missing goods. The customs authorities will then require all relevant documents – for example the original invoice and the corrected invoice. They will also need an explanation as to what happened – for example: “goods have been forgotten during the loading process”. A confirmation of receipt from your customer might be a good idea, too. Once all is plausible to the customs authorities, the new data will be accepted and a new endorsement of exit will be issued.

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