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Figures in the EU statistics

Optical Products
From Ecuador
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David W.
Oct 05, 2020
The figures in the EU statistics differ compared with the figures in my own country. Why is that?

1 answer

Oct 05, 2020

The Statistical Office of the EU (Eurostat) collects the import figures reported by each EU country. Your country has the figures available for the goods exported from your country. For various reasons goods might not have arrived in the EU country they were destined for, e.g. they might have been damaged on the way or the final destination could have changed. Other reasons can be that certain EU countries have not yet submitted intermediate figures to Eurostat, the periods of reference are not the same (export figures might be from December of year N, import figures from January of year N+1) or variations in currency exchange rates. In our experience the value of imports can be 3 to 10% less than exports declared by a partner country.

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