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Computers' import

From United States of America
To China
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Jasmine G.
Nov 27, 2020

How to import computer parts from China?

1 answer

Raymond Y.
Nov 27, 2020

If you plan on expanding your tech business’s market to China, or you want to reduce overhead costs by purchasing parts, you’ll need to understand what goes into importing electronics from China. Specifically, computer parts require some special care and some know-how of importing.

In the past few years, China has revamped some of its industrial policies and has become a substantial computer hardware producer on a global scale. It’s important to understand these policies in order to work with a Chinese supplier. Luckily, these policies are not very difficult to be compliant with. Some business owners are wary of importing electronics from China because of Chinese and U.S. regulations, which have been less than ideal for foreign businesses in the past. However, simply understanding how to work with these regulations can make the process fruitful.

To start, you should always look for suppliers that are 100% compliant with Chinese and U.S. import and manufacturing laws. This can be difficult, as many suppliers may not invest money into certifications and compliance for different markets.

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