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Livestock selling

Live Animals
From Argentina
To Chile
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Dec 01, 2020

I want to export livestock (sheep, cattle) or find a seller - how can I do this?

1 answer

Kerim A.
Dec 01, 2020

Livestock can only be exported by a licensed exporter and cannot be exported to all countries. Livestock exporters must comply with the country Standards for the Export of Livestock and other regulations that underpin the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS) .

For example the Australian Government has memorandums of understanding (MoUs) with a number of countries in the Middle East and Africa, and negotiations continue with other trading partners. MoUs reinforce importing country commitment to international animal welfare standards and provide government-to-government assurances that Australian livestock will be unloaded on arrival, regardless of the results of initial animal health inspection.

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