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How to get Buyers in europe

Textiles and Textile Articles
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Dec 14, 2020

Well there is language constraints in Europe, how to get buyers for

textile products from anywhere in the EU?

6 answers

David W.
Dec 24, 2020

It’s wise to spend time researching the market online for your export in various countries and areas before you leap. With so many websites now online that allow you to sell your products, why not consider listing your products? Register an account and add your products to these sites and see if you place any orders. You can be more confident about your product’s demand in that country or area if you do. If you take this approach, it’s worth spending some time studying the best practices for listing your products so that you can take full advantage. For example, make sure photos of your products are well lit and show enough detail. Take pictures from various angles so potential buyers can see all of the product and consider even developing a short promo video.

Google and Facebook ads are good ways to advertise your products. You can place online ads to reach your target audience to get quality leads for your products online. You’ll get plenty of wholesalers that you can contact and see if you can generate any interest in your products.

This is more of an old school approach but still relevant. National embassies want to promote trade between their country and the world and help create these links. Contacting the commercial section of a country’s embassy and asking if they can provide you with a list of your export product’s wholesalers is well worth doing.

Chambers of Commerce (e.g., the British Chamber of Commerce) are another excellent resource to contact, much like national embassies. They can offer advice and help and often support businesses by providing training so that they can push you in the right direction.

You may also join different International Trade Facebook Groups where you will match up buyers and sellers worldwide and answer any questions on international trade and any tips or discussion. Good luck!

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Imad K.
Dec 24, 2020

First of all, it is necessary to determine your business's orientation and those aspects of it that are explicitly aimed at export activities.

Even large companies choose the main directions for doing business abroad. So, some products are better sold in one country in the world, others – in another. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze your business and target market — how much your products meet the demand.

For detailed market statistics, it is recommended to use various Internet resources — for example, the EU Statistical Office, the United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database, FITA, and other international directories of trade activity in different countries of the world.

The strategy for entering the global market can be completely different, depending on the target audience. Search for information on the Internet. Here the choice is extensive — there are dozens of B2B platforms on the Internet.

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Munmun S.
Dec 24, 2020

The textile industry in Europe is second-largest in terms of importers, just after the US. There are many textile buyers and importers in Europe looking for trusted textile suppliers.

To find the best textile buyers in Europe, you will have to do some research. I would suggest you create your business profile on Europages. This B2B website offers an opportunity to connect with the textile buyers in Europe at no cost.

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Dec 23, 2020

I would advise you to expand the horizons of your business, and namely:

  • As a Director, fill out your professional profile in English on a particular trade platform as detailed as possible; elaborate on you and your business.

  • Try not only to invite your friends and colleagues to your contacts but also to connect with new people in your industry from different countries and regions. The wider your social circle is, the greater the prospects for your company's development in the international market.

  • Don't forget to recommend your colleagues and business partners. The more you give, the more you will receive feedback, which creates a certain level of trust.

  • Create your group on social media and start filling it with useful content, articles, and recommendations.

  • And don't forget to optimize your search engine's profile by adding the right keywords in the text.

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Raymond Y.
Dec 22, 2020

Therefore, before searching for buyers define the product you are offering. Do market research. For example, browsing distributor websites is a good way of increasing your knowledge of the markets.

The next step is to target the right buyers. There are different ways to search for buyers; browse on the internet, go visit trade fairs and talk with buyers to find out what is important to them. When you attend trade expos, you have the opportunity to showcase your products and services, meet with potential buyers and connect with trade partners.

Online sales. Various internet websites allow you to post your products or services online, so that prospective buyers can come to you, instead of you searching for them. You may register with Export Portal – a reliable B2B platform that will connect you with thousand of buyers from all over the world.

An alternative distribution channel you could use is buying agents. Agents can work individually or as part of purchasing companies. Visit the websites of European and national sector associations. Moreover, associations have an extensive network and, as such, can be a good source to find potential buyers. Start with visiting websites of the associations that cover your product / market at the international and European level.

Use online advertising. It is important that buyers looking for new offers can find you online. You can start with building your own website or create your own store on a marketplace such as Export Portal and list all your products to get even more potential buyers.

Make use of databases and matchmaking services. You can make use of company databases to create a list of potential customers to target. For example, via the chambers of commerce of a specific country. If you need help with finding potential buyers, there are matchmaking service organizations. They will link you to relevant potential buyers and prevent an overload of irrelevant addresses.


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