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Delivering goods to a ship (offshore)

Parts and Equipment
From Nigeria
To Democratic Republic of the Congo
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Raymond Y.
Dec 24, 2020

We would like to export test equipment for a vessel to a ship that currently lies offshore Nigeria. The flag under which this ship operates is not known to us. We plan to export the goods from Europe by air cargo to Cameroon first and from there to the ship. The test equipment is intended to be used for various tests on board the ship and once completed, the goods will be returned to us in Europe. What is the destination country in this case? 

1 answer

Dec 24, 2020

Generally, when delivering goods to ships on the high seas, the country of destination corresponds to the nationality of the ship. In order to create your export declaration in compliance with customs regulations, you will need to find out the flag this ship operates under after all. To determine the nationality of a ship search for special websites that provides this info for you and might be very helpful for you. These websites also offer you more details about individual ships as well as real-time tracking.

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