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The role of Chamber of Commerce

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Julius S.
Dec 24, 2020

Explain role of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Associations in the promotion of internal trade.

1 answer

Dave B.
Dec 24, 2020
  1. Transportation or interstate movement of goods: The Chambers of Commerce and Industry help in many activities concerning interstate movement of goods which Includes registration of vehicles, surface transport policies, construction of highways and roads.
  2. Marketing of agro products and related issues: The associations of agriculturists and other federations play an important role in the marketing of agro products. Streamlining of local subsidies and marketing policies of organizations selling agro products are some of the areas where the Chambers of Commerce and Industry can really intervene and interact with concerned agencies like farming cooperatives.
  3. Weights and measures and prevention of duplication brands: Laws relating to weights and Measures and protection of brands are necessary to protect the interest of the consumers as well as the traders. They need to be enforced strictly. The Chambers of Commerce and Industry interact with the government to formulate such laws and take action against those who violate rules and regulations.
  4. Promoting sound infrastructure: A sound infrastructure like road, port. electricity railways, etc. plays a catalytic role in promoting trade. The Chambers of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with the government needs to take up heavy investment projects.
  5. Labor legislation: A simple and flexible labor legislation is helpful in running industries, maximizing production and generating employment. The Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the government are constantly interacting on issues like labor laws, retrenchment, etc
  6. Octroi and other local levies: Octroi and local taxes are the important sources of revenue of the local government. These are collected on the goods and from people entering the state or the municipal limits. The government and Chambers of Commerce should ensure that their imposition is not at the cost of smooth transportation and local trade.
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