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Made for military purpose but later used for civilian purpose

From Germany
To India
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Kerim A.
Jan 14, 2021

We are based in Germany and plan to combine two of our existing products into one through a minor modification. This new product is then intended to become a part of the driving control system of an Indian tank. In my view, this new product is in line with items that have been constructed or modified for military purposes under the German export control list. But it can also be used for civilian purposes – would we still need to request an export license in that case?

1 answer

David W.
Jan 14, 2021

I would recommend to first contact the authorities to confirm that your new product is indeed considered to have been modified for military purposes. It depends on the extent of modifications and for some goods that were subject to insignificant changes, export license may not be required at all. If it is indeed the case, however, and your product really falls under military goods classifications, then yes, you will need to request an export license – even if it is also used for civilian purposes in line with dual-use regulations. And by the way – also civilian goods with military end-use purpose would require a license.

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