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Quarantine rules

From Australia
To Vietnam
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Feb 19, 2021

Do Quarantine rules apply to my cargo in Australia?

1 answer

Feb 19, 2021

Strict quarantine rules and regulations are implemented in Australia.


  • Check if you’ll need an import permit.
  • Prepare a packing declaration to prevent delays and added costs.
  • Make sure your container is free of contaminants such as grain and soil.
  • Check that any wood based materials are permitted.
  • Check packing materials (wool, paper, foam etc) for contaminants.
  • Inspect goods from high risk countries for signs of disease or infestation.


  • Use any straw packing as it can carry insects and diseases.
  • Pack items in used egg, meat or fruit cartons as these may carry disease.
  • Include any timber with bark attached. Bark is prohibited.
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