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Telex Release

Ceramic Products
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Feb 19, 2021

What is a Telex Release? 

1 answer

Kerim A.
Feb 19, 2021

A Telex Release is the document used to authorise the release of cargo at one port after the bill of lading document has been surrendered at the other port. The carrier is required to collect the original bill of lading before any cargo is released. The bills are usually surrendered by the shipper or forwarder to a port agent (often at the port of loading). The bill includes instructions on releasing the goods to the consignee or named party.

The agent then sends a telex release to the discharge port agent to advise they have received the full set of three original bill of lading documents. The telex release is also confirmation that freight and all other charges have been paid at the port of loading. The release should include all cargo details such as name and address of consignee or named party, the container number and a detailed description of the goods.

If the telex release is complete and unambiguous then the goods may be released to the consignee or named party. Despite the name, the release is usually sent by email not telex.

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