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Manufacturing Facility in Mexico

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Andrea T.
Mar 18, 2021

What Is the Timeline to Open Up a Manufacturing Facility in Mexico?

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Munmun S.
Mar 18, 2021

There’s not a standard timeline since every industry has its own nuances and requirements. Setting up operations in Mexico requires a customized solution, but generally speaking, a company can expect a timeline of 3-4 months, after signing a lease agreement, when working and 7-8 months if going through the process without a shelter company.

This time efficiency is due to the connections and infrastructure needed such as VAT certification, as well as systems and expertise on key departments like trade, finance, environment, health & safety, and HR.

Essentially, consider a shelter company a “one-stop shop” to start operations in Mexico. They’d break down what you’d be liable for. This is in addition to the multiple steps it takes to set up the right certifications, staffing, and site selection. The exact timeline depends on your company’s specific needs.

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