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Export out of the EU

Beauty Supplies
From Australia
To Argentina
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Jasmine G.
Mar 31, 2021

If I export out of the EU goods imported in the UK from non-EU and EU countries, how does this impact on the export documentation to be compliant on all aspects? 

1 answer

David W.
Mar 31, 2021

This will depend largely on what documentation you have in mind. With regard to general documentation, there should be no significant changes; the main area which will be affected is in declarations of origin, whether on the commercial invoice, or other documentation. The actual origin of the goods must be declared, unless you have carried out any significant processing of the goods in the UK or elsewhere in the EU which would cause the goods to be considered as being UK or EU origin. This will apply around certificates of origin, and movement certificates which are used to obtain preferential rates of duty in countries which have Free Trade Agreements with the EU. Your local Chamber of Commerce can advise further on this issue.

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