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Commodity code

Ceramic Products
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Raymond Y.
Apr 01, 2021

How can we (as the exporter) guarantee we get the correct commodity code(s) when they can occasionally be up for interpretation (i.e multiple commodity codes look like they could apply) – is there a governing body that is able to make a ruling / offer advice that will be absolutely accurate? 

1 answer

Kerim A.
Apr 01, 2021

The safest way of getting a definitive decision on the correct UK / EU customs commodity code for a product is by obtaining a “Binding Tariff Information Ruling” (BTI) from H.M. Revenue & Customs. This will provide a definitive decision on the correct tariff code for a specific article, which is then binding for 3 years on H.M. Revenue & Customs and their counterparts in all other EU Member States.

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