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Ocean Bill of Lading

Lumber and Articles of Wood
From Mexico
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Apr 02, 2021

What is an ocean bill of lading?

1 answer

Imad K.
Apr 02, 2021

The ocean bill of lading serves as both a contract for carriage and a document of title for the cargo. The bill of lading identifies the parties on both ends of the shipment, as well as a description of the goods and routing instructions.

An ocean bill of lading should include:

  • The name and contact information for the exporter, the ultimate consignee, forwarding agent and the notify parties.
  • Vessel, booking and loading instructions for the international carriage of the goods.
  • A description of the goods, including their weight and dimensions, the number and kinds of packages, any marks and numbers on those packages, and whether any of the goods are hazardous.
  • Freight rates and charges.
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