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Apr 20, 2021

What to Export?

1 answer

Imad K.
Apr 20, 2021

Every product/service has a market. Even then, one has to be on the lookout for overseas importer. Nevertheless, export control is to be imposed at times, but its scope is very limited. There are also a few basic requisites for selling overseas. Determination land planning and planning are the basic requirements. Overseas selling begins with a state of mind.

Any commodity and/or product including services produced, processed and manufactured in a country can be exported, as there is hardly anything in the world that is not internationally traded. There is a market abroad for all types of products and services as no nation can itself produce everything to satisfy its needs in the modern world even if one chooses to sacrifice the principle of comparative cost advantage. Every country is continuously on the lookout to locate overseas suppliers of one commodity or another, thereby, creating every-increasing scope for export of other countries.

To take advantage of the situation, all nations make every possible effort to sell their products and services abroad. After all, exports are a vehicle of growth and development. They help not only in the procurement of the latest machinery, equipment and technology but also the goods and services not available indigenously, Expansion of export earning is as crucial for financing development plans as the mobilization of domestic resources. It leads to national self-reliance and reduces dependence on external assistance, which, howsoever liberal, may not be available without strings.

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