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Export Price Elements

Apparel Articles and Accessories
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Imad K.
May 20, 2021

What are export price elements?

1 answer

May 20, 2021

Ex Factory:

  • Factory Cost
  • Profit
  • Export Packing, Marketing & Strapping
  • Export Credit Insurance
  • Interest on Credit to Importer
  • Advertising and Promotion Paid by Exporter
  • Agent’s Commission

F.O.B. (Free On Board):

  • Inland Freight to Port/ Rail/Airport
  • Handling Charges and Fees
  • Cold Storage’s Charges
  • Cost of Documents (Bill of Lading, Airway Bill)
  • Consular Invoices. Certificate of Origin Charges

C.I.F.(Cost, Insurance and Freight):

  • Freight (sea/Air/Rail)
  • Insurance Premium And Cost of Policy
  • Handling Charges (Sea/Air/Rail)

Landed Cost:

  • Import Duty and Taxes
  • Unloading Charges
  • Clearing Agent’s Fee

Whole Sale Price:

  • Inland Transport to Warehouse
  • Advertising and Promotion Paid by Wholesaler or Importers
  • Mark-up

Retail Price:

  • Retail Mark-up
  • Federal Tax VAT, Commodity Tax
  • Sales Tax
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