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Packaging goods

Ceramic Products
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May 20, 2021

What are some tips for packaging goods?

1 answer

Leon L.
May 20, 2021

Use a rigid carton with flaps intact. For best results use a new box large enough to allow room for adequate cushioning material on all sides of the contents. Never exceed the maximum gross weight for the box, printed on the bottom flap.

Use adequate cushioning material. For this wrap each item separately. Fragile items need to be protected from each other and separated from the corner and sides of the box to prevent damage, Use air-encapsulated plastic or expanded polystyrene “peanuts” (for lightweight products), foam-in-place (foam sprayed into boxes to form a protective mould around contents), corrugated dividers or crumpled newspapers or Kraft paper as cushioning material.

Use adequate sealing material. Use strong, pressure-sensitive or nylon reinforced or water-activated tape designed for shipping. Do not use strng.

Use a single address label that has a clear, complete delivery and return address. Place duplicate label inside the carton.

Always print the characteristics such as fragile, abrasive, breakable, etc. of the product on the cartons for their proper handling and storage.

The list of national standards applicable to packaging is pretty long. It is enough to mention that they deal with matters as varied as static and dynamic performance tests, size requirements types of packages, closure techniques and compatibility with the ISO freight containers and agricultural packaging.

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