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Packaging Standards Classification

Medical and Surgical Instruments
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Jun 03, 2021

How are classified Packaging Standards?

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Imad K.
Jun 03, 2021

Dimensional Standard: They ensure the inter-changeability of packaging components and accessories and assist modular packaging. Such standards help to curb proliferation of package dimensions and thus assist consumers in making objective comparison of the package contents and price.

Standards Concerning Quality of Resistance to Wear: They guarantee that the product will meet the purpose for which it has been designed.

Standard Test Method: These methods are used to compare materials and products intended to be used for the same purpose. They determine, for example, the breaking point of the corrugated board used in the containers for transport by sea. A test method must be developed before any standards relating to the aspects of use can be established.

Standardized Technical Terms & Symbols: These terms and symbols are adopted throughout a country by every industry as a common technical language to be readily understood within the sector.

Codes of Standard Practice: In general, these codes recommend method concerning the technical procedures for packing for use in specified industries. The packaging industries in some highly industrialized countries have already adopted such codes. Other lesser-developed countries often use the code as operational guidelines and in reference manuals.

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