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International Market Tips

From Egypt
To Russia
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Jun 03, 2021

What are some tips for exporter to know about international market?

1 answer

Leon L.
Jun 03, 2021

It is helpful for the exporter to know the following points regarding his target market before he commences his export business:

  • Local production figures.
  • Export by destination & Import by Country of origin.
  • Market size in terms of value and quantity.
  • Profile of local major manufacturers.
  • Distribution channel and mark-up at each of the distribution channel.
  • Competition among local products and imported brands. Evaluation of products by consumers. Retailers, wholesalers and importers in terms of price, quality and design.
  • Import system and related rules including special certification and necessary documentation. It is advisable for the exporter to be aware of his responsibilities concerning import rules well in advance.
  • Local rules and regulation related to the marketing of the intended product for sale. It would benefit the exporter if he knew earlier if the time consuming and elaborate modification, testing and labeling of his product to meet local rules and regulations are necessary.
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