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Import business

Bags and Luggage Bags
From United Kingdom
To Turkey
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Jasmine G.
Jun 09, 2021

How to start an import business from Turkey

1 answer

Raymond Y.
Jun 09, 2021

Determine the importable goods from Turkey
Sourcing is the first factor a business person must consider. Depending on your business strategy, you will need to choose suitable goods from Turkey to import.
You can find the websites specializing in goods trading, groups / social networking sites with many wholesale businesses, or surveying famous wholesale markets in Turkey where they sell what kind of goods you want to import.
Find the export agents in Turkey
Make sure you are working with a professional export agent, it will save you time and money. Local agent or expert usually knows the local prices and know how and where to get the good with the lowest price, meanwhile ensuring the quality.
Negotiate & Sign the contracts
Time to negotiate and agree the terms, all should end up in contracts; What are the quantities, prices, packing, payment terms, delivery terms, documentation, warranty. Support shipping or marketing after delivery?
Consider the above notes before signing the contracts.
Check the shipping process
In this step, you can check the shipping cost, shipping time.
Importing from Turkey
For customs clerance: as per Turkish customs regulations, the transport companies and forwarders do not prefer to complete export/import clearance. Exporters/Importers companies always make their own customs clearance by themselves using their authorized customs brokers in Turkey.

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