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Customs export documentation

Apparel Articles and Accessories
From Spain
To Saudi Arabia
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Jun 09, 2021

What are customs export documentation for Saudi Arabia?

1 answer

Kerim A.
Jun 09, 2021

Letter of the introduction of the company
Customs declaration
Commercial Invoice: 1 copy
Bill of lading (Bill of Lading): 1 photocopy, with the enterprise’s seal + shipping carrier’s seal (shipping carrier or forwarding company)
International freight bill (with ExWork, or FOB conditions), CIC surcharge, hygiene, document fee: 1 copy
Certificate of origin: 1 original (if any)
Certificate of specialized inspection (if goods are subject to inspection): 1 original with the certification of the specialized agency
Other documents (if any, depending on the type of goods): A copy of Quality Certificate (Certificate of Quality – CQ), Certificate of Analysis (Certificate of Analysis – CA), Health Certificate (Health Certificate) Besides, you should also prepare a copy of other documents for reference or presentation, when needed: Foreign Trade Contract (Sales Contract), Packing List (Packing List), and relevant documents such as catalogs, photos, technical documents of the shipment.

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